April 1, 2014

March Lovelys

Current favorites for the month of March: (inspired by Miss Marisa)
// Reading: I just finished The Shadow of the Bear. Seriously was an amazing book! Can't wait to read book 2, it will probably be in my April faves! :)
// Watching: The Voice and Saving Mr. Banks
// Listening:this playlist compiled with my favorites of the month:
// Eating: well change that to drinking a lot of Green Juice!
// Shoes: I have been wearing my black suede knee length boots a lot this month since even though it is suppose to be "Spring" time we had a lot of rain!
// Wanting: warm weather, beachy days, and summer nights.
// Looking: Forward to the summer.
// Wishing: I can get my braces off :(
// Enjoying: making new friendships with my fellow Catholic bloggers.
// Hoping: to do well on the last couple months of school
// Smelling:fresh cut grass and spring rain
// Thinking:that I should really start reading this book so I can get to writing the review.
// Wearing:exercise clothes. Trying to stay fit here!
// Noticing:that school ends like in two months!!!
// Knowing: life begins at the end of your comfort zone...
// Felling: 50% productive 50% kinda lazy
// Giggling:What Catholic Girls are Like in the Chapel.This is hilarious!
// Favorite blog: boyer family singers
// Loving: That Easter is in 20 days!

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