March 30, 2017

How To Get Inspired

Real moment. I don't always feel motivated or inspired and crank out post after post, Instagram after Instagram. Because sometimes I'm just plain uninspired. I hit a bloggers block. Every creative influencer as well as individuals experience a little stumbling block known as a funk. But the good news is you DON'T have to stay there. Today I'm going to share some of my favorite ways to get re-energized and re-inspired that I hope will be the catalyst to your creative launch. 

1. Create a pump-up playlist.
Their is nothing more exciting then finding new music that gets you going. I am obsessed with Spotify! The whole process of combing songs to fit a mood or occasion, is very therapeutic. So go ahead and be your own DJ! The Spotify Mood Booster, Happy Folk, and Pop Chillout are my go to pump-up playlists. 

2. Scroll Pinterest boards that motivate you.

When I find myself drawing a blank in the whole creative department, I pause what I'm doing and dedicate some time to drawing inspiration from other creatives. Whether you are uninspired in fitness, blogging, or school, find some influencer's that inspire you and pin away. For example, for those days when the last thing I want to do is workout, I quickly go scroll through a few fitness + healthy lifestyle boards. Everyone needs a little extra push sometimes, so find out what that means for you. 

3. Go on a run during the golden hour.

Exercising anytime will help get those endorphins and inspiration going, but running in a sunkissed light is just good for the soul. Honestly, I get so many ideas and blog post topics while I'm working out.

4. Wake up and smell the coffee. 

I love love love coffee. It might sound ridiculous, but sometimes the process of making coffee, trying new flavors, and of course sharing a quick pic for the Insta story is just what you need to fuel the inspiration. Embrace the little mundane things.

5. Create a list of life dreams.

Things you want to make happen in your life, write it down. Start getting your subconscious thinking about them, and more likely things will start to happen. You can also jot down goals, things you want to accomplish for the week or month.

6. Create an atmosphere of serenity. Light a candle, grab a notebook and start writing down whatever is on your heart or any ideas floating around in your head. Clear your head and get it down in ink.

7. Adopt an attitude of spontaneity.
Day to day, same routine, same hour to hour schedule that you could do in your sleep. Sometimes the greatest gift you could give yourself is the gift of spontaneity. This doesn't mean you ditch responsibilities for the beach, but add in some fun rewards to your day. Plan something that creates a new found excitement in your routine. It could be as simple as planning a mani/pedi on a Monday afternoon, or grabbing lunch with a bestie who you don't normally see during the week. Life is an exciting adventure and should be lived as such.

8. Plug into some audios that create bigger bolder thinking. 
We all could be dreaming bigger dreams and strive to stretch our mind beyond our comfort zone. It's vital that we never stop growing and never stop learning. If you haven't yet arrived at your destination/goal then why are you slowing down. When I need to refocus myself and stay on track (which is pretty much everyday) I love to turn on some motivating podcasts + TED talks. Any favorites??

9. Work in a clean organized area. 
Nothing is more defeating and contributes more to an uninspired attitude then working in a disorganized space. Block out thirty minutes to an hour to get some deep cleaning done. Wash those coffee mugs at your desk, get all you planner supplies away, burn an air freshener. Okay, now you may get to work. 

10. Surround yourself with positive influences.
Your environment, from who you hang out with, what plays in your earbuds, to what you read. Everything you let in your daily life, eventually will influence your thoughts and actions, whether you think you gave them permission to or not. Jim Rohn put it best, "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." If certain people and things are not positively contributing to who you want to become and accomplish, then it's time for some active reflection on your part. Nobody has time for negativity when you have people to meet, lives to impact, and the world to change!

Any tips for when you hit bloggers block? Who do you turn to?