December 31, 2015

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"Don't be afraid. Take courage. I am here!" 2015 was a year of stepping out into the unknown with complete faith. 2015 was my year to walk onto the water. So many beautiful events happened this year, including going to San Francisco for the Walk for Life, graduating high school, going camping for the first time, attending a youth conference, going to college, going to Colorado and hiking, being nominated for homecoming princess, flying to Miami and spending Thanksgiving there. And finally, being challenged as a person. Here is a video compiling all my highlights from 2015. Enjoy!


My 2016 word is:

Ephesians 4:1, "I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, beg you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called..." This year the Lord is calling me to a deeper faithfulness. 
A faithfulness that draws be out of myself to rely only on Him. 
A faithfulness that calls me to be authentic in who I am. 
A faithfulness that is worthy to be called a daughter of the King. 
A faithfulness that says "Yes" to every opportunity that is presented.
A faithfulness that stays true to who I am, no matter where the road leads me. 
A faithfulness that loves without reserve.
A faithfulness that embraces everyone that is put in my path, even those that challenge me.
A faithfulness that first cultivates those virtues inside myself, before giving and teaching them to others.  

What I really want in 2016 is:
-To learn what it means to love authentically and without reserve
-To run after what I want and fight for it
-To read a motivational book once a month
-To continue searching for that mentor that will challenge me and call me onto greatness

What I really need in 2016 is:
-To challenge myself academically
-Pursue a deeper relationship with our Lord, through our Lady  
-Cultivate authentic friendships, and grow the ones I have

What I will share in 2016 is:
-The blessings and testimony the Lord has given me
-My time with others
-My gifts and talents

In 2016 I will succeed at:
-Being more diligent in my monthly goals
-Being more deliberate in my time
-Taking on more leadership opportunities 

2015, its been a pleasure. 2016, I can't wait to see what joys, struggles, pain, memories, and friends you bring.

December 28, 2015

My Freshman Dorm Tour ft. Scholastica Hall

Well friends, I am finally getting to posting some pictures of my dorm. I took these in September so my room as evolved a little...I guess I'll just have to do an updated tour and the end of my freshman year. I love the res hall I'm in, so many memories have already been made in this crazy little place. Basically there are around 25 girls on each floor. 2 girls to a room and 2 communal bathrooms on each floor.

My room came with this oh so lovely forest green colored wall...but I've dealt with it and just covered it with some cute prints. Most of the prints I created myself except two of them.

 Bedding // Target  
Jersey sheets // Target
Plush Blanket // COSTCO

 Just a little blackboard that I hang my keys this picture some ROC week apparel is hanging on it. :)

 You know, just a college dorm room essential...

 Where all the magic happens!! I do my makeup at my desk and sometimes school work here.

 On top of my from home, flamless candles, and coasters from World Market.
 On the top level of my desk...body mist from B&BW + jewelry trays.

 Lilly P. just chilling on my desk with my Kate Spade mug.

 You can see my beanie & raven day headband pinned to my cork board. #ravennation
            P.S. Since taking these pictures we have added Christmas decor and rearranged our room.

December 21, 2015

Fashionista Interview || Gold-Hatted Lover

Happy Monday friends! Today you are in for a special treat...Mary-Katherine from Gold-Hatted Lover graciously agreed to an interview for me today! She is seriously the sweetest and such a huge inspiration to me on starting out in the blogging world especially within the the fashion arena. I was blessed enough to get to meet her a couple months back when she visited my college, because she is actually married to the son of the president of my school! 
Me with some other fashion blogger at my school and MK in the middle


1. Can you tell the readers about yourself and your blog?

I'm Mary-Katherine, the writer behind Gold-Hatted Lover.  I am a newlywed (can I still say that if it's been 2.5 years?!) who loves to travel but I still consider myself a major homebody.  I crave warm weather and will always consider California home no matter how many places I live after it (going on three!)  My goal with GHL is to inspire regular girls just like me to get out, experience life, and look good while doing so.  I hope you'll come check it out and be a friend!

2. Who would you say is your number one fashion inspiration?

Everyday fashionable girls!  Girls just like myself who rock their style, girls who I could see myself being friends with, they are the ones that inspire me the most.

3. How do you manage time to run your blog efficiently?

Sticking to a schedule and using the weekends.  I shoot photos on the weekends, and then work as much as possible to get posts ready and scheduled for the week so that I have minimal work to do on the weekdays.  Then during the week is when I work on socials, emails, and finishing touches to blog posts. 

4. Has there been something that has surprised you in the blogging world since you started?

Two things: That brands would actually want to work with me and that I would truly make friends through this platform.  Those have been two very pleasant surprises!

5. Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

Honestly not sure!  People don't always realize that blogging is a lot of work, but as long as the fun outweighs the work I will keep with it!

6. What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors to a blog?

Interaction.  Commenting back on social comments, responding to blog comments, browsing other blogs and leaving comments.  All of these drive traffic back to your blog and social channels and help you build a relationship with your followers and readers so that they are more likely to come back to visit again.

7. What are some of your current fashion obsessions?

Right now I can't get enough of my over-the-knee boots!  They really are the best winter boot and such a staple in my closet since I live in the Midwest where it gets really cold during the winter months.

8. Favorite fashion magazine?
I really don't read them!  But I do always love browsing the J.Crew Catalog (even though that's not really a magazine) - I love how they mix and match basics in unique ways and season after season they have a quirky take on the classics. 

9. Have you met anyone interesting/famous on your blogging journey?

I have met a few "big bloggers" like Amber Fillerup (twice!), Rachel Parcell, Emily Jackson, and Jenny Bernheim and was pleasantly surprised that they were all genuinely kind and gracious - it made me like them even more! 

10. If you could give one piece of advice to somebody trying to start a fashion blog, what would it be?
Go for it, don't wait!  I deliberated starting a blog for three years before I actually took the jump and my only regret is not starting it earlier.  You'll never feel "ready" and you will still be Googling "How to Auto Size Images in Blogger" years into it, but that's just part of blogging - we are always learning new things and making changes.  So go for it and figure it all out later!
Make sure to follow MK on social media:
Facebook: @goldhattedlover
Twitter: @mkminnis_ghl
Instagram: @mkminnis_ghl 
Pinterest: @mkminnis_ghl 
Thank you so much Mary-Katherine for taking the time and sharing those words of wisdom with is today! Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to your future in the blogging world!