December 28, 2015

My Freshman Dorm Tour ft. Scholastica Hall

Well friends, I am finally getting to posting some pictures of my dorm. I took these in September so my room as evolved a little...I guess I'll just have to do an updated tour and the end of my freshman year. I love the res hall I'm in, so many memories have already been made in this crazy little place. Basically there are around 25 girls on each floor. 2 girls to a room and 2 communal bathrooms on each floor.

My room came with this oh so lovely forest green colored wall...but I've dealt with it and just covered it with some cute prints. Most of the prints I created myself except two of them.

 Bedding // Target  
Jersey sheets // Target
Plush Blanket // COSTCO

 Just a little blackboard that I hang my keys this picture some ROC week apparel is hanging on it. :)

 You know, just a college dorm room essential...

 Where all the magic happens!! I do my makeup at my desk and sometimes school work here.

 On top of my from home, flamless candles, and coasters from World Market.
 On the top level of my desk...body mist from B&BW + jewelry trays.

 Lilly P. just chilling on my desk with my Kate Spade mug.

 You can see my beanie & raven day headband pinned to my cork board. #ravennation
            P.S. Since taking these pictures we have added Christmas decor and rearranged our room.


  1. your dorm is so cute!! it's definitely pinterest worthy ;)!

  2. Dont you just love those planners? I have one, too, and I think they are the best! And that coffee maker in the dorm room is such a great idea...I don't know why I didn't think about it when I lived at the dorms, instead of buying it from the cafeteria. :-S Lol!

  3. Ah! Your dorm is just darling...Grace. Love all girly touches of pink + gold everywhere.