December 28, 2017

18 Ladyboss Books To Help Slay Your 2018

I'm sure like myself, many of you are beginning to or have already been compiling a to-read list for the new year. Here is a list of must-read motivational books for female entrepreneurs, many of whom are on my reading list this year.
December 17, 2017

7 Ways to Practice Self-Care This Winter

There's just a certain vibe about winter that makes you want to snuggle up under your favorite blanket, turn on Netflix, and hunker down with hot coffee in your favorite Target mug. But...there's also something about winter that can leave you feeling drowsy, blue, and just blah.
December 8, 2017
December 4, 2017

Mom, Sister + BFF Gift Guide

December 3, 2017

How To Stay Intentional During the Holiday Season | Advent 2017

Happy First Sunday of Advent!
Today I wanted to share my heart with you all because this little blog is a place that I want you to be able to come and just hear truth and be inspired whether it's about being an authentic #LADYBOSS or my favorite devotionals.
November 27, 2017

Cyber Monday Roundup + Charitable Brands That Give Back

Happy Monday, Cyber Monday that is. Personally, I think you get better deals today than on Friday AND you get to shop while in your pj's with a Hallmark movie playing in the background! Win-win situation!
 In addition to the regular retail deals and sales I wanted to roundup some brands and products that are making a difference during this busy shopping season. I have listed some AMAZING life-changing brands below, where I'm sure you will be abale to find a ton of gift ideas + give back at the same time. 
Happy shopping!!!

November 23, 2017



Happy Thanksgiving!!! 
I can't believe I am already saying that! This Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a minute and share a few things that I am truly thankful for. I hope you take some time today and this weekend and just write down every little blessing.
November 22, 2017

Gift Guide for the White Elephant Party | Under $40

Bath & Body Works relief line (body lotion, body wash, body scrub) | mirrored sunglasses ($12)| succulents ($15)| Sugarfina 3-piece box set ($28) | portable charger ($20) | oversized sweater ($22) | crossbody purse ($22) | wine glass set ($36) | snow globe ($21) | Himalayan salt lamp ($20) | Starbucks tumbler ($15 local Starbucks)  | throw blanket ($29)

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!
I'm sure many of you today are traveling to be with family, doing lots of food prep and last minute shopping. Today I'll be heading to COSTCO to pick up the most important part of the Thanksgiving meal, Pumpkin Pie!! What about you do you prefer Pumpkin, Pecan or Apple pie?

If they haven't all ready, Christmas parties will soon start ramping up and your gift list is going to be all over the place trying to get the perfect gift to fit the theme at all the parties. A common party that you'll probably be attending at least once this holiday season is a white elephant party. Basically, the premise of a white elephant gift exchange is that you show up with one gift, draw numbers to see who goes first, and then let the opening begin. As every participant unwraps their gifts, they can steal away the other's newly acquired goods. Super fun and you really can bring whatever gift you would like. It could be a silly gift or it could be a really unique one that most would never think to gift. 

What parties are you looking forward to this season? Do you have a favorite white elephant gift that you give? 

November 21, 2017

Gift Guide for the Caffeine & Foodie Friend

Starbucks gift card | coffee snob mug ($14) | Peets dark grounds ($12) | holiday blend k cups ($14) | Starbucks variety k cup pack ($25) | Starbucks cup ornament (local Starbucks shop) | Lush coffee body scrub ($12) | French press ($50) | coffee guide print art ($14) | Starbucks Italian grounds ($11) | stainless steel straws ($6) | Starbucks sticker ($3) | iced coffee sticker ($3) | coffee now crew ($80) | Kate Spade thermal ($18) | marble tumbler ($30) | syrup gift set ($30)
popcorn maker ($40) | popcorn cheese seasonings ($24) | caramel popcorn ($9) | Hellofresh gift card | Mayan hot chocolate ($12) | merlot infused coffee beans ($20) | coconut jam ($12)| champagne gummy bear chocolate bar ($12)| veggie spiralizer ($28) | edible cookie dough ($50) | hot sauce gift set ($40) | marble rolling pin ($25) | Chipotle gift card | Sugarfina champagne bubbles ($7)

Today's gift guide is probably my favorite so far because how can you go wrong with coffee or food!!! I got the munchies while writing up this post and had to restrain myself from consuming more than one cup of coffee. ;) Food themed gifts is a great opportunity to be unique in your gift giving and really make the recipient feel special and that you put a lot of thought into the gift.

Do you have a foodie/caffeine lover on your shopping list this season?
November 20, 2017

Gift Guide for the Beauty Guru

Happy Thanksgiving week friends!!!
I don't know about you but I absolutely love experimenting with makeup products...basically, I'm a wannabe beauty guru hence the iconic IKEA drawers I included that every Youtuber and their mother has!!!
Beauty is such a great gift during the holidays — from makeup brushes to fragrances, eyeshadows to lipsticks — you can find affordable gifts or go for something luxe that your loved one wouldn’t typically buy for themselves. It's a great time for you to not only gift fun beauty products but you also have total freedom to ask for items that are out of your comfort zone so you can test out new products. 

What beauty/skincare product are you absolutely dying to try???
November 18, 2017

Gift Guide for the Fitness Friend

A common new year goal of many is to get in shape and lead a healthier life. I personally think today's gift guide would be great for literally ANYONE, to encourage them to start 2018 on a health kick. These fitness gifts would also be highly loved by the friend who is always off to their favorite Soulcycle, Crossfit, Zumba, or weight class. Who doesn't love new leggings and cute sneakers!? Also, I was SO excited to come across green juice gummy bears...hello 2017!!! This is such a fun unique gift to give to your fitness friend and family members!

November 17, 2017

Gift Guide for the Fashionista + Jewelry Lover

Happy Friday ladies!!! Wow, Black Friday is a WEEK from today! I feel like I just published my first gift guide on November 1st!
Today's gift guide is for that chica in your life who is always on top of the currents trends and is always the one you and your friends go to for fashion advice.  Having to shop for someone who is obsessed with the latest fashion can sometimes be intimidating and challenging because there's SO much you could get for them. These are some great starting point items to get you going and crossing the fashionista off your Christmas shopping list. 

What is a favorite current trend of yours at the moment?
November 15, 2017

Gift Guide for the Hostess

Okay, ladies Thanksgiving is next week!! I guess you could say it's the official start of the Holiday season. No matter your age or whether you have a big family gathering, a Friendsgiving dinner, or a holiday soiree, bringing a hostess gift is always appropriate. It's the season to give to others and if someone is so kind to host a party, the least you can do is give a little something back. 
A very common and classic hostess gift might be a nice candle or a quality hot chocolate mix. However, I've gathered a few more fun and unique, and still perfectly appropriate, gifts in this hostess guide. Who wouldn't love to receive some gourmet candy or a set of lavender lotion!?

What is your favorite thing to give as a hostess gift? 
November 14, 2017

Advent Calendar Roundup

1. 24 Days of Tea | 2. NYX Lippie Countdown | 3. QVC 24 Piece Kit | 4. Mrs. Prindable Sweet Treats | 5. Nail Polish | 6. L'Occitane | 7. No7 Beauty | 8. Ritual Advent | 9. Atelier Cologne | 10. Clinique Holiday Swag Box | 11. OLE Glow Skincare

The Advent season officially begins on December 3rd, so whether you countdown from the official start of Advent or start your countdown on December 1st, you'll find the perfect Advent Calendar in today's roundup. The typical Advent Calendar has boxes of chocolate that you open every day of Advent but how fun would it be to open a new beauty or skincare product for 12-24 days!!? Yes, please! These are also some fun ideas to give as gifts to the Thanksgiving or holiday hostess!

Do you use an Advent Calendar? Do you like a chocolate one or a beauty theme?
November 11, 2017

Brunch Notes: November 11

Happy best day, SATURDAY!! Grab a latte and let's spend our Saturday a.m. together catching up on recent happenings this week.

 Thanksgiving Outfit Guide on Fran Acciardo 

Trader Joe's has all the Thanksgiving things out right now. They have turkey stuffing kettle chips which sound super weird but I'm really intrigued to try them. 

I think having a Friendsgiving would be SOO much fun, especially with fellow bloggers!!!

4 Women on How They Prep for the Workweek on The Everygirl 

These Steve Madden Mules are currently on sale this weekend for under $50 and are perfect for basically all seasons.  

Really want to make this salad for Thanksgiving dinner...mostly just for the Feta cheese.

I screamed out loud when I saw this new Halo Top flavor!!! Life goal: have a freezer dedicated to all things Halo Top.
 Anyone else strategically plan out and tape all the Hallmark Christmas movies?

November 9, 2017

Gift Guide for the College Girl

I am really excited to introduce today's gift guide because almost everyone knows or has a college girl in their life. There are so many things that I took for granted before I went to college like having my own bathroom or little things like being able to light a candle and have that whole cozy homey feel. One of the items that I want to give a special highlight is the Pedi Pocket blanket with a foot pocket. This is probably one of the best gifts for any college student because I know I found myself many nights in the library or even in my dorm where my legs and feet would get so cold and I would just want to curl up while studying. This will be college gals new BFF. 
I definitely put myself in this gift guide and thought about what I would be ecstatic to receive as a gift and not have to worry about getting it myself. What seems like a small gift like makeup wipes will actually make any college girl SO happy!  

What is something that you love to gift college gals? 
November 8, 2017

Gift Guide for the Cozy Homebody

Welcome to the second edition of the holiday gift guides!
 Today's gift guide is for the person who's favorite place is home! Aka, homebody. This was honestly so fun to make and I totally wrote this while snuggled up in a plush blanket! ;) I think we all have a little homebody in all of us so really I think anyone would be thrilled to receive any of these cozy items. All cozy routines need to include a Hallmark movie, because obviously. It also should include some low lights or candles. And of course after you curl up with basically what feels like a cloud, you have to pour yourself a warm beverage, and the Stash dessert teas are so decadently perfect. I don't know about you but I am totally ready for a movie night after this post! Also, I think I need to change everything on my Christmas list now!! 

Do you have a favorite go-to tea or favorite way to unwind? 
November 7, 2017

Gift Guide for the Ladyboss

November 3, 2017

Winter Coat Roundup + Current Podcasts

Happy Friday!!! 
Depending on where you live, you might have to pull out your winter coat pretty soon is you haven't already. Friends in the Midwest already had their first snowfall so coat season is in full swing for them. Then there's the Pacific NW where I've never really had to get big puffer jackets...the biggest coat that you really need here is a wool coat. Personal preference I guess. There is some ADORABLY chic outerwear this season and honestly, it was so hard to narrow down this roundup. ;)
November 1, 2017

30 Ways Of Showing Gratitude This November

Happy November! The last couple of weeks gratitude has been on my heart. It might be because it's Thanksgiving month or that waking up everyday there seems to be a tragedy somewhere in the world. (update: I originally wrote this post before the attack in NYC yesterday. Please lift up all those involved in your prayers. Never take your days for granted) Whatever the reason I wanted to do a little something to start getting us in the Thanksgiving spirit as well as maybe get us thinking of some New Year resolutions to adopt in 2018. I had the college girl, the busy 9-5 working women and even a mom on the go in mind when writing this post. Don't let your circumstances keep you from showing and experiencing gratitude this November. If there's a will there's a way, right!?

October 30, 2017

20 Habits To Adopt In Your Twenties

No matter where you are in life or your career it's never too late to start implementing habits of success. You also don't have to wait for January 1st to make a lifestyle change. Start with where you are and the tools you have right now. Today I wanted to share some lifestyle adjustments that will positively affect your personal and professional life. Now, just because I am sharing 20 habits that doesn't mean you need to start out with all 20. I actually hope you don't use them all at once but would rather take 2-4 habits and start implementing them for a month before adding more into your life.

October 27, 2017

Things Women Should Never Compromise On

October 24, 2017

Trendy Sweater Wishlist

 One | Two | Three | Four | Five | Six | Seven | Eight
September 22, 2017

Fall Essentials + Obsessions

Happy FIRST DAY OF FALL! My favorite season is here... actually I've been ready since August but have restrained myself from pulling out the fall decor & burning fall candles until today. One of my favorite posts to read is seasonal, especially fall favorites + must haves. Today I wanted to share a roundup of some seasonal favorites to help get your fall started off on the right foot.

September 4, 2017

20 Stickers Every Ladyboss Laptop Needs

 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20

August 31, 2017

Questions For Self Discovery

I recently was reading a post by my ultimate blog, life and girl crush, Stephanie Sterjovski where she was discussing these journal questions that caused her to stop and do some self-reflection. I loved reading her experience and after taking some time to journal with the same questions, I was really drawn to share with all the ladies on this blog. 

August 30, 2017

7 Ways To Empower Other Women Today

Happy Wednesday ladies! A topic that is close to my heart is that of equipping and empowering other women. If you look at the lives of successful women, most of the time they've had a figure in their life that they say highly contributed to the success they have now. They had someone in their life who was their motivator and voice of empowerment in moments of doubt. Let's chat about some ways that everyone no matter if you're in college or the corporate world, can uplift others and be that positive force in their life.
"Empowered women empower women"

August 29, 2017

Craving: Fall

When the end of July rolls around, I am really wanting the fall season and craving everything that comes with that! I blame it on Hallmark channel giving a few sneak peeks on upcoming fall movies (I'm a sucker for all things Hallmark channel). It might also be the fact that it has been abnormally HOT here in WA this summer. As I write this, I'm sitting in an air conditioned house because it's 100 degrees outside. Whatever the reason may be, I'm honestly not complaining. I love having the excuse to make pumpkin everything and pull out those big sweaters. I love the crisp early mornings and the gorgeous art show that the trees put on. 
Consider this the first of many Autumn themed posts. So, if you have aparticular fall themed post you would like to see here on Graciela, then let me know in the comments!

What are you most looking forward to in the fall? 
August 28, 2017

Essentials For The Faith Based Girlboss

Faith is a large part of my life and any girlboss endeavor I pursue. Being a girlboss means having a balance and understanding of all areas of your life. For me, this means that I have my faith life in just as much order and give it just as much attention as I would my professional or fitness pursuits.

August 25, 2017

Inspiring Podcasts To Fuel Your Ladyboss Lifestyle

Hello, Friday!!! I thought I would get your weekend started off right with some Podcasts that I've been loving lately. Podcasts are SO trendy right now and with good reason. They are easily accessible, free, and most importantly they are super inspiring. When I find myself in a creative rut, need to get motivated to tackle the day's to-do list, or just a bossbabe to give me a pep talk, I can always count on these podcast ladies to be there.

August 24, 2017

My Fall Reading List | Personal Development Edition

Life is a never-ending pursuit of knowledge and growth. And one of my favorite ways to learn, is to read. Successful people all have one thing in common. They read, and they read a lot. They are successful because they are lifetime learners. They commit to learning new things every single day. Successful people never stop learning.

August 23, 2017

Planner Tour ft. Day Designer + Time Management Tips

It’s not easy being a modern woman of the 21st century. It’s awesome that in the present, women are encouraged to seek out careers, pursue higher education, and start families at the same time, but that's a lot! The modern woman needs to be organized, goal set, make a hair appoitment after she launches her online biz, schedule time with her girl tribe, oh and fit in a bubble bath at some point. So, today we are going to be talking all about how to keep the go-getter gal organized and thriving. 

August 22, 2017

Staples For The Ladyboss Lifestyle

As a successful woman, having the right tools will allow you to conquer the day with confidence. Whether you’re in school or have a full-time job or crushing that side hustle, there are some essentials to help you on your ladyboss journey.

August 21, 2017

Building Your Tribe + How To Find and Connect

We all need a friend who pushes us towards our dreams. Who encourages us to take a leap of faith. Who they themselves are high achievers. Who can talk fashion and trends, but can just as well talk about leadership principles and money management. Having that cheerleader in our life is so important, but it's even more vital to have a whole squad of cheerleaders who want to see you succeed and that you know you can always rely on to tell it to you straight because they want nothing but the best for you.
We need our girlboss tribe not only to grab a coffee and shop with but to build businesses and change lives with. In a culture where women compete to overpower each other, we need empowered women to empower each other. You only truly succeed when you raise others up.

August 10, 2017

Being A Ladyboss While Still In School

“Girlboss” is a relatively new term coined by the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, that describes women who work hard, are career driven, successful, and just win at life. Basically, everything I have always aspired to be. I have never been one to think that being a girlboss is something for only post grad ladies. So, if you are in high school, college, or working and looking to to incorporate habits of a girlboss into your daily life, then today's post is just for you! 

August 9, 2017

How To Be Productive While Flying + 5 Travel Destinations

I recently came across the saying that "plane time is game time". Instead of using a 2, 5 or even a 10 hour flight to watch Netflix or play Candy Crush, use it as time to create, brainstorm, and refuel yourself.