August 10, 2017

Being A Ladyboss While Still In School

“Girlboss” is a relatively new term coined by the founder of Nasty Gal, Sophia Amoruso, that describes women who work hard, are career driven, successful, and just win at life. Basically, everything I have always aspired to be. I have never been one to think that being a girlboss is something for only post grad ladies. So, if you are in high school, college, or working and looking to to incorporate habits of a girlboss into your daily life, then today's post is just for you! 

Be organized.
A ladyboss often as a lot on her plate, so staying on top of things is the greatest strength a ladyboss could cultivate. An accomplished ladyboss values her time as well as others, so invest in a planner where you will schedule out your day, set goals, and create a gameplan on how you are going to attack those goals.

Be genuine.
People can sense when you are masquerading. This can lead to others distrusting you and ultimately questioning your character. Of course you need to be respectful and tasteful in how you present yourself, but just focus on being you, the pure kind hearted you that everyone loves. You never want to be the person that changes personalities for different people.

Be humble. 
Actions speak louder than words, so let your accomplishments speak for themselves instead of being "that" person who is always talking about what they've done and what they have. Being humble also means realizing that you don't know it all. Be humble in taking counsel but also be humble enough to seek out counsel. 

Take risks. 
Leaps of faith is when miracles happen. Apply for that job, book that plane ticket, email that high caliber peer for professional advice, take that difficult class. If you never step out of your comfort zone you'll never know what could be. You might actually get that job or get the chance to be mentored from that professional that you emailed.Wouldn't you rather say, I'm glad I did rather than I wish I had.

Keep learning.
One trait that all ladybosses posses is that of continual growth. They are constantly growing and expanding their mindset so they can accomplish more. Take the initiative and read a business book, or listen to a self development podcast, or make the point to always introduce yourself and ask one important question to any successful figure that you have the opportunity to shake hands with.

Dress up, show up.
I learned that dressing sharply is not just to dress for the job you want, but it's dressing to show that you have confidence and respect for yourself. This imparts to others that they need to take you seriously. Maybe most of your peers are dressing with the trends. Trends weren't popular until that one person decided to make it a trend.

Learn that age does not define you.
If you have dreams and goals for your life, it doesn't matter if you are 16 or 26. That dream was placed on your heart at whatever age you are. Instead of looking at your age as a stumbling block, start looking at it as your secret weapon. Solidify your goal and run with it. Don't worry if others don't have the vision like you do, they don't need to have it, you do. Own your journey.

Create relationships with other ladybosses.  
"Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back” So much truth in this statement! Whether you are in high school, college, a working gal in the corporate world, or living the entrepreneurial lifestyle, finding your authentic tribe of women is the greatest gift you could give your future success. Successful women know the importance of having girls that support you and all of your dreams.These women challenge each other, they lift each other up to be their best self's. They are there in the slow beginnings just as they are there when you are getting recognized for your accomplishments. 

What do you think is a habit an aspiring ladyboss should adopt? Do you consider yourself a ladyboss? 


  1. You go, lady boss! I am 100% down with dress up, show up. I dressed up every single day my senior year of college, and no one understood why. "You're a senior, aren't you exhausted?" Well, yes, I am, but how am I going to convince anyone that I am professional and perfect for their company if I don't believe it myself?! Dress for the person you want to be! xoxo


  2. These are such great tips! My junior and senior year of college I started to dress in things other than college t-shirts and jeans all the time and I think my professors really took note!

  3. You go girl!!!!! You are such a boss babe!!

  4. These are such wonderful tips that show there really are so many factors to being a lady boss.

  5. Definitely agree with all of these! Especially about organization, so important!

  6. Yes yes yes to this entire post!! I think you've 100% reached girlboss status!!

    The Classic Brunette

  7. I am totally a lady boss! I think waking up early is something a ladyboss should always do.

    xo //

  8. I definitely believe in dress up, show up. People treat you differently if you look like you mean business.