May 20, 2017

Currently Coveting: Palm Leaf Print EVERYTHING

Happy Saturday friends! 

As Summer draws ever closer, more Summer related prints and designs are showing up everywhere. One print that I have been obsessed with is the basic palm print. First off, I think I love it so much because we don't have any palm trees where I live so they seem almost exotic. And secondly, the print is just very clean and sophisticated looking. ;) One item that I just realized I didn't include in the roundup is the Day Designer Palm planner! When I was choosing my planner it was between the marble and the palm. No surprise the marble won, but trust me when I say it was an agonizing decision! Maybe to still add that tropical feel to my marble DD, I'll get either this palm tree sticker or this leaf one.

Do you have any favorite Summer trends? What are you thoughts on the palm print? 


May 17, 2017

Summer Reading | Ladyboss + Entrepreneur Edition

Happy almost Summer! So I just looked up when the official first day of summer is and apparently it's June 20. Depending on where you live and also if you're currently in school or not, your Summer probably already started! One of the most common goals that many people set out to accomplish during the Summer, including myself is to read more. I do enjoy the occasional fiction tales, but as someone who is busy building a brand and platform I try and use the time I set for reading, to be a time for growing and expanding my thinking. If you have goals, then you need to be doing something everyday that will bring you closer to that goal. Never stop growing and never stop learning. If you are not learning, you're not growing, which basically means goals aren't getting accomplished. 
Summer month's can become your moments of success. Use this time when most take a break, to equip and challenge yourself. 

I have shared an eclectic bunch for you to check out, but honestly these ones are here for you use as a starting point to discovering what ignites that momentum inside yourself. Personally I really enjoy biographies on athletes or something in the sport world, so I did include a couple of those. Reading books from today's top achievers is almost like being personally mentored by them. How awesome! 

So, some (fun) Summer homework for you: find your go-to book that you reach for when you need some extra inspiration and encouragement.  

She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur | Carrie Green

Power Your Happy: Work Hard, Play Nice & Build Your Dream Life | Lisa Sugar

You Are A Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life | Jen Sincero

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets To Success, One Relationship at a Time | Keith Ferrazzi

You Don't Have To Be a Shark: Creating Your Own Success | Robert Herjavic

I Got This: To Gold and Beyond | Laurie Hernandez

How Good Do You Want To Be? A Champion's Tips on How To Lead and Succeed at Work and in  Life | Nick Saban

I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban   | Malala Yousafzai

May 13, 2017

Brunch Notes: May 13

Happy best day, SATURDAY!! Grab a latte and spend our Saturday a.m. together.
  1. I love styling ball caps all year around, but Summer is definitely when they are in season and often worn. Here's some ways to style a ball cap into your outfit. 
  2. EVERYONE has been talking about this OPI color I feel like! Such a poppin' color + the name is honestly so fun!!
  3. Sometimes you just don't want to leave the comfort of your home to go get a workout in...well here you go my friends. 
  4. A great reminder on the importance of rest, from my main girlboss crush. 
  5. Basically anything Lauren recommends I'll do it. So I might be testing this program out soon...
  6. I can't wait to try a bunch of Summer salads full of fresh fruit + bright colors. This kale and blood orange sounds phenomenal!
  7. Graphic tees I think should be in everyone's closet. They are the perfect item for that athleisure look you're going for, but graphic tees can also be dressed up with a pencil skirt + heels for a fun Friday business chic look. Thanks to this post, I went on a graphic tee hunt...I might need this one, this one, oh and definitely this one. 
  8. First off, where has this customized shampoo + conditioner been all my life. Growing up I had really frizzy hair which needed some extra tlc. Thankfully it's gotten a lot tamer and easier to manage now. The idea of personally customized hair products is kind of amazing! 
  9. Along with mango's, I have always loved anything lemon. For almost every birthday as a kid I would request a lemon curd filling! Like what the heck! I was a weird kid I guess. But that lemon love is still strong, so when I saw this lemon print top, it was heart eye emoji's all the way. 
  10. Spain has been for the longest time one of my top three places to visit. So of course I had to include Kate's recap of The Seville Fair! Basically she's just a Spanish princess. No biggie. 
What are your weekend plans?

May 6, 2017

Brunch Notes: May 6

Happy best day, SATURDAY!! Grab a latte and spend our Saturday a.m. together.
  1.  I am so stoked to share this post that Lauren totally nailed! Seriously I was like "oh my goodness YES that's me"! I think all us shopaholics *ahem* I mean women can relate. 
  2. If you haven't see The Lizzie McGuire Movie, were you even a teenage girl!? I think Annaliese was fulfilling a lifelong dream of every Paolo Valisari loving girl out there. Well that is before the REAL Paolo came out ;)
  3. Basically everyone needs this ruffle sleeve tie top in their Summer wardrobe. 
  4. CAITLIN is engaged!!! The cutest story and that ring!! <3
  5. And because it's wedding season and like every other Facebook or Instagram update is an engagement announcement, here's one more. The adorable KENZIE is also engaged!!
  6. Honestly, I think I could totally graduate again if I got some of these super cute grad gifts.
  7. Because coffee should always make an appearance in a blog are 9 iced coffee ordering hacks that will save $$$.
  8. Who doesn't love a LWD!? I am on a hunt to find a cute casual white dress that can be styled easily. This one might be the winner.
  9. Who doesn't want to spend a Summer in Europe!? I get the whole Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants feels when thinking about know because Lena goes to Greece to visit family. ;) So excited to follow along Lauren's Summer Europe adventures! <3
  10. Probably my favorite post this whole week. Fellow girlbosses, you'll want to read these 10 tips on working from home.
What are your weekend plans? 


May 1, 2017

How To Create Your Own Success As A Ladyboss | #MomentumMoments

Today I am sharing an introductory post about the new series that you'll see frequently on the blog. #MomentumMoments is a new ladyboss series where I will share about all things female entrepreneurship, from goal setting, dressing for success, staying authentic and most important, how to implement these ladyboss strategies into all areas of your life.

I chose to title these posts with the tag #MomentumMoments because I believe that it's in those small moments of inspiration where you are challenged, that the drive and momentum for success is ignited. It's often in the mundane of daily habits that goals and aspirations are placed on the heart. Never underestimate a word of encouragement, an inspiring graphic on Pinterest, or a short blog post. A person full of dreams can catch fire with the slightest spark of inspiration.

One of the main themes that I try and share on the blog + socials is that of ladyboss 101. I believe that to be a ladyboss starts now! Wherever you are at in life, whether you are still in school (high school, college or grad) working a 9-5, building your own business, 16 or 26 you can adopt the traits and skills of a ladyboss. Having a ladyboss mindset doesn't start when you reach your goals, but rather YEARS before when you are day dreaming about what you would like to accomplish.

I also want to point out that being a ladyboss is NOT just for those starting their own business. It's about adopting an attitude of authenticity, activity, and positivity (A.P.P)
When the term "girlboss" is said, often the image of a cutthroat woman who doesn't take garbage from anyone and can pretty much get whatever she wants from men and the world. I don't agree. 
A ladyboss lifestyle is about a woman who desires to leave a positive impact on the world. It's about someone who strives to become the best version of herself, and drawing that out from those around her. It's not about having it all together and figured out, but rather about being willing to fail in order to win.
Vulnerability is often left out of the conversation when the above mentioned term of "girlboss" is discussed. I have learned that this is a very strong tool in aspiring for a ladyboss lifestyle. If you are going about it in a healthy positive way, then you are often forced to be real with yourself and others. This is not something to overlook and skirt around. You want to experience this because it's in these raw moments that your character, strength and courage is found.
I am super excited to share so many goodies with every one of you, whether you are looking for quick tips, real talks or just want to make some positive changes in your life. I whole heartily hope that these future posts will inspire just one of you to dream crazy big, run after whatever you want in life and leave a positive impact along the way. 

If you have any ideas for this series, go ahead and leave your suggestions in the comments and I'll try to incorporate them into my content calendar. Also, I absolutely LOVE connecting with other aspiring bossbabes, so don't hesitate to reach out so we can chat!
 Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with me: @gracehincapie