June 15, 2014

Trinity Sunday //OOTD

Happy Sunday Girls! 

“Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” (Proverbs 31:30).

June 9, 2014

Pentecost OOTD //

Ven EspĂ­ritu Santo Ven! 

 "Our love for the Holy Spirit demands more than just letting ourselves be possessed by him; it requires that we also possess him, because he is the Gift of God."

22 Random Facts About Me

Ashley over at Bramblewood Fashion tagged all of her readers to do the Sunflower Blogger Award.
So what I have to do is list 11 random facts about myself and then answer 11 questions that I have been given to answer by Ashley. Then after I have done that I have to tag other people and give them a list of 11 questions to answer (and of course they too must list 11 random facts about themselves).

-Eleven Random Facts About Me-
1. I love bags! Any kind of bags like purses, messenger bags, clutches!

2. I completely adore Yankee candles!

3. I am part Colombian.

4. I have 7 wishlists on Amazon. Yes you just read 7, but only because I categorize my items.

5. I have watched All the episodes of I Love Lucy and The Cosby Show.

6. My childhood dream was to be a CEO. What can I say I dream BIG!

7. I love statement necklaces.

8. I love the way cities look at nighttime

9. I get more excited then I should when I go to priestly Ordinations and the Chrism Mass!
10. I think Pomeranian's are the cutest dogs ever and I would love to have one! 
11. My favorite TV show is J.A.G

-Ashley's Eleven Questions-
1. What is your favorite book?
As of now,  "Love Does" by Bob Goff.
2. Where did you last travel too?
Portland, OR
3. Favorite beauty product?
Eyeliner and Foundation. 
4. What is your biggest dream?
To go on a mission trip to South America. 
5. Are you a tea or coffee person?
6. What is your favorite season?
7. Favorite type of music to listen to?
It varies from the mood I'm in, but sometimes they are Christian, Spanish, and country. 
8. Do you enjoy watching sports? If so, what is your favorite sport[s] & teams?
I enjoy watching football. But I don't have a favorite team.
9. Favorite author of all time?
Jeanette Oke!
10. Favorite summertime activity?
Swimming, eating fresh fruit, and reading out in the sun. 
11. What is something you hope to learn this year?
Well I guess how to drive, because I will be taking my test. 

-My Eleven Questions-
1.Favorite author of all time?
2.What is your biggest dream?
3.What is your favorite TV show?
4.If you could live as a character in any book, which book would you choose?
5.What is your favorite dessert?
6.What is your biggest pet peeve?
7.Do you have a favorite quote?
8.Favorite beauty product?
9.What is your favorite flower?
10.What or who makes you laugh the most?
11.What is your greatest fear?

I tag all of my readers to do this tag! You can either do it on your blog [if you have one] and leave a link down below in the comments, or just do it in the comments.