October 30, 2015

Friday Love

 Happy last few moments of October and Happy All Hallows Eve Eve!

1//  It is finally beginning to feel like fall here on campus. It has been around 34 degrees everyday I woke up this week, but that just meant I had to wear a lot of scarves and boots this week.

2// Unfortunately I have been dealing with a slight cold this week, so I have been loading up on vitamins, tea, and Netflix. Well maybe not that much Netflix since assignments don't cease just because I'm sick.

3// I have been at school for 2 months now and have finally found my favorite place to study. Elizabeth Hall was built in 1893 and used to serve as the original Abbey for the Benedictine monks. So as you can imagine it has a lot of character and history to it. 
4// So, every November my school has a concert before Thanksgiving break and finals week. And this years artist is going to be....BEN RECTOR!! Yep, it's pretty exciting and will be a nice treat before the busy holiday season commences.

5// One thing that has been on everybody's mind this week is Spring semester classes. I plan to be taking some media classes maybe a Philosophy course and perhaps a criminal justice class. We shall see...

On my wishlist this week: Floppy hats
Song of the week: Sober - Selena Gomez
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October 23, 2015

Friday Love

 Happy October friends! This has been a crazy fun-filled week with lots of memories. 

1// I felt refreshed and energized as I went into this week, because last weekend was Fall break at my school. I was able to go with some friends to Colorado. It was gorgeous! I was able to experience hiking for the first time and see what the season of Fall looks like in other areas of the country.

2// On Tuesday I was able to meet up with a Benedictine Alum who just happens to be a fashion blogger. She was the sweetest gal and gave me lots of info to think about for my own blog and its future. Go check out her little corner of the internet: Gold-Hatted Lover.

3// At my school I'm apart of this woman's group where we meet weekly and discuss different topics related to woman. This week we discussed how men and woman are complimentary to each other. These girls are seriously amazing and are the biggest role models for me.

4// One of the biggest surprise for me this week was that I got nominated for freshman homecoming princess along with 4 other girls! So on Thursday we were invited to eat lunch with President Minnis and his wife. I love my school! Later that evening we had a pep rally, where the winners were announced. It was so fun taking part in homecoming court and the festivities aren't even over yet!
5// I'm on the last season of FRIENDS which is actually pretty sad. You get so invested in the characters over the time of 10 seasons that you don't want it to end. But I'm excited to start watching some other shows that have been recommended to me. But I'm mostly excited for Christmas movies to be watched!

Favorite Post of the week: How to Transition White Jeans to Fall
Article of the week: 10 Best Candles for Fall  
Song of the week: Perfect - One Direction