March 5, 2014

Lenten Meme

I came upon this Lenten meme and thought it would be a great post to do on this Ash Wednesday! Anybody who wants to join in please do. Just leave me a comment so I can go see yours!

What is your favorite Sorrowful Mystery?
The second mystery - Jesus is Scourged at the Pillar. What endless love comes from this mystery. Jesus whipped and flesh ripped open in reparation for my sins. 

You remained pure of heart even when
 Your flesh was torn and scourged by those who hated You.
 Help me to grow in the virtue of purity even when I suffer."

What is your favorite Station of the Cross?
The fifth station, Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus carry His cross. The message to me in this station is will I help to carry the cross of Jesus? Am I willing to endure all the hatred, rejection, and pain that comes with it? Many are called to carry that cross but few pick it up and put it on there shoulder.  

Do you fast during Lent? As far as food goes I fast on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday and abstain from meat on Fridays as required. Fasting can also include refraining from any activity you indulge in. It is a form of self-denial.

What is your Lenten Resolution(s)?
Well, every Lent I use Maria Von Trapp's guide to a lenten reading plan. Here are my reads:
  1. Lumen Fidei by Pope Francis
  2. The Sanctifier by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez
  3. Rise, Let Us Be On Our Way by Bl. Pope John Paul II
There are some virtues that I am going to take this Lenten season to work on. I want to cultivate the virtue of moderation by limiting time on social media to one time in the early morning and then one time at night. And industriousness meaning don't put things off. "Do what your suppose to do, when your suppose to do it, in the way its suppose to be done."

Do you use Holy Water during Lent? Yes I do. I bless myself with Holy Water as I enter/exit the Church. The removal of Holy Water fonts does not take place until the Sacred Tridumm.

How many times do you go to Mass during Lent? I go to daily Mass with my family throughout the year. So for me its not a lenten resolution since its a daily blessing for me. But I highly recommend to those who are able to attend daily Mass to do so. Either in the morning or evening. You will be changed forever!

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