October 9, 2014

Gertie & Baxter // PR

G&B is all about dressing your life! the shop was started by two friends, jen and julie. both of us are interior designers with a passion for the unique. years ago, we started a small, custom drapery shop. we started to notice the large amount of remnant pieces piling high in our storage room, and decided to start re-purposing our materials into women's fashion pieces.

since then, we have started offering more pieces in our line, but always choosing fabrics from local and family-owned businesses in chicago and los angeles. we also try to source many of our supplies from other etsy sellers!

G&B is managed directly by julie & jen, from sourcing fabric, handcrafting products, photographing, modeling, listing, and packaging- our hands touch every piece we sell.

we hope you enjoy!

-Product Review-

A few days ago I received a "brown paper package tied up with string"... It was a vintage brown infinity hole scarf. I love how this scarf adds texture to any outfit without being to overpowering. It adds a unique dimension to any fall outfit including the ones I put together below:

 Thanks to Jen and Julie for allowing be to do a review for you! It was fun!


  1. Gah, you look gorgeous! And that cheetah dress is to die for. ♥

  2. AHH! You would have fit right in with the Scandinavians!! They love their big scarves....and I do too. :D p.s. Looks like a beautiful crucifix that you're wearing! I'd love to see a close up sometime. :)