September 9, 2015

Dorm Diaries || The First Month At College

Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing about my first month of college. I've done so much already that it feels like I have been here forever! It has definitely been a whirlwind month filled with lots of emotions. It has been one of the most challenging months but also the most rewarding. It didn't really hit me that I would be living 1,800 miles and nine states away from my family, until those final goodbyes after the family send-off Mass.

I am completely surprised that I ended up in pretty much the middle of no where, since I am a city girl. But now that I have been here for about a month and half, I now know I wouldn't want to be any where else except here at BC.

The first couple of weeks were definitely an adjustment, but even with all the changes I felt like it was an easy and natural transition. Part of the reason for this smooth transition is the school itself. They have such a strong vibrant community spirit that you feel it as soon as you step foot on campus.

The first week was a whirlwind of events because of a Freshman tradition they have here called ROC Week (Raven Orientation Camp). It was an exciting (sometimes stressful) week of events, that ended with the traditional beanie banquet. I am now a full fledged Raven!

Molly, one of my AWESOME ROC leader!!!
Obligatory 1st day of class pic with the president 

 There are little gems all over campus, including the beautiful grotto of Our Lady.

 One of best things about going to BC is that you are constantly surrounded by some inspiring Catholic giants! For instance, we were blessed to hear Sarah Swafford talk to the woman, which was AMAZING!
 With some friends at a birthday party for the Blessed Mother on September 8th.

 This was a daily thing during my first month of college. ;) Just in case anyone was curious on what I get, it was a Sugar Cookie Latte.

 R A V E N  GAME DAY!!! We won! ;)

At another game with some friends!! 

Okay, so I am in the process of a dorm tour post. So that should be up SOON!! In the meantime here is a sneak peek to the room. 

Well, until the next post (which hopefully won't be that far away), I want to leave you with these words from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI that encompasses my schools motto this year. 

"The world offers you comfort. But you were not made for comfort. You were made for greatness." -Pope Benedict XVI

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  1. Congrats on starting college, Grace, I think your dorm room is fantastic!
    Best, Anna.