April 29, 2016

Current Thoughts || Life Update

Happy FriYAY friends!

I wanted to give you a little update on what's up with me in school, blogging, and life. So this was my last full week of freshmen year classes (internally screams because it's so crazy to think about). My first final is next Thursday (it's Philosophy...aka I need prayers on that day). I have two final projects in my media classes, I had to create a website and then create a single page site. Fun times!
I am going to start packing up my dorm room next week so I can be moved out on Tuesday May 10th. I fly home Tuesday evening...#emotionalflighthome
Also, my birthday is on Monday! Woot woot, my first birthday away from home...the big 1-9 :)

I'll write a post about the story behind this picture soon. :)
I'm working on my summer plans which includes lots of blogging. So in the meantime here are some things on my to-do lists, and a couple cute pics.

Things I Will Do:
-email professors
-write letter to future girls living in my current dorm
-phone interviews
-last minute summer internship paperwork
-compile a team of college writers for a new project
-coffee dates with friends

Things I Have To Do:
-study for three finals
-finish my media projects
-return my textbooks
-return library books
-finish research paper

Things I Should Do:
-thank all those from freshmen year
-end of year pics
-stop, relax, and reflect
-be grateful
-have fun

One last picture till next post...

Till after finals friends,

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  1. Hope your finals and travels home went well! Looking forward to seeing posts from you this summer. Blessings to you, Grace!