June 15, 2016

Grace's Dorm Diaries || Introduction

 "We're not leaving everything behind. 
We're beginning anew with the tools that we have today."

 Hello! I'm excited to share the first post in my new series called "Dorm Diaries" where I talk about my experience in the collegiate world. I hope to cover everything from how to balance faith in college to what kind of water bottles you should try.  This series is dedicated to all those high school seniors finishing up their time at home and will soon enter the so called "real" world in a few short months. This is such a special and stressful time for you that I want to be able to do my little part in your transition to college.

Even though I am only entering my second year of college, I have learned so much about myself as a young person as well as the college scene. I have talked to many upperclassman and college grads along the way, and I look forward to sharing their words of wisdom with you. Also, I hope to add to this series as I progress in my time in college.

To kick things off, I just wanted to give you an idea of my transition from high school to college and what I'm doing now. I was homeschooled K-12, and loved the experience. I wanted to go to college to study nursing, but soon switched paths when I realized that nursing was not where my passion lied. I am currently studying Mass Communication with a concentration in PR and minor in Theology.

I'm excited to share my thoughts with you about my college experience. If you have any questions about college or have requests on topics you want to see in this series, please post a comment on my blog, email me at, or leave a comment on my Facebook page or my Instagram.

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