| The blog |
Graciela was curated by Grace in 2014 to inspire a tribe of passionate, confident & authentic ladybosses who want to change & challenge the world together. It is a place where she can share what she has learned as a young woman millennial living in today's culture. Her desire is to encourage young women to find their feminine confidence and unique voice in this world. The possibilities are endless, and Grace aspires to inspire ladies out there to glam up, goal up, and never give up! In her small attempt to make a difference through this blog, She hopes to write to young women millennials on how to be a ladyboss in all aspects of life, from style, fitness, faith, and entrepreneurship.

"my goal with every post is to inspire women to find the ladyboss within herself & win in all areas of her life."
-Grace Hincapie, @gracehincapie

| The girl |
Grace is a 20-year-old - noncollege degree-seeking girl from the beautiful rainy Pacific NW. Yes, and you read that correctly about not pursuing the traditional college path. Grace believes her life has been designed for more than just sitting in a classroom. Life is about chasing your dreams NOW. Life is too short to not do what you love.  So this 20-year-old dreamer is currently pursuing all her young life has to offer in this great big world. She hopes to create a platform for young women millennials in fashion, media & entrepreneurship. But it doesn't stop there, her main motivation is to challenge young women to dream and don't stop till you have achieved it!

| FAQ |
I want to start a blog, any tips?
Write about something that you are passionate about. Be authentic. Be consistent. Be confident. Have fun.  

Are you in college? 
I spent a year at a college in the Midwest, before deciding to take the road less traveled and focus on pursuing my true life goals & dreams NOW instead of pursuing anymore higher education. 

Dream career?
 Something that changes life and lets me pursue all my dreams. Future goals include starting my own clothing line, writing a book, become a speaker, and begin a mentoring program for young girls. The possibilities are endless.

Why did you name Graciela?
I am part Latino and my name is Grace, so Graciela is a Spanish variation of my name. Simple, but I like the feminine + elegant sound it has.

Are you Christian?
Yes, I was raised Roman Catholic and my faith plays an integral part in my life.

I'd love to get to know you & answer any questions! Send me a note & I'll get back soon as possible!


  1. Hi, Grace! Just wanted to let you know that, if you want, I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. :) God bless you!

  2. I like the part about the never-ending reading list! I'm definitely the same way!

  3. Wow Grace...I cannot even tell you how many things we have in common (random things, but there are many....

    Anyways, that's awesome that you're 17 and you're strong in your Catholic Faith at an early age. I'm 23 now (almost 24), but started really diving deeper into our faith probably when I was a sophomore in high school...and over the past 7-8 years of constantly reading catholic books, educating myself about our church and faith, and committing to become closer to God on a daily basis...I cannot even tell you how much I've grown and changed. God truly is amazing and don't ever stop chasing Him...He's worth every moment. Blessings!

    P.S. Let me know if you need any help and/or advice and/or guidance in anything college (or college admission) related! I still have my old personal statements etc etc

  4. Grace, this blog is amazing!
    I am also a young Catholic blogger, and it is good to know that I am not the only one!
    Keep up the awesome, beautiful work!
    Anna ~