December 31, 2014

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My 2015 theme is:
Walk upon the water...

This coming year is going to be full changes, challenges, and tests . There will be times when I'm in a I'm in a storm and terrified of what will happen. But Jesus will call out "Don't be afraid. Take courage. I am here!"

 With trust I will hopefully step my foot into the unknown and have faith that He will be holding my hand and guiding me back to the shore.

This is my year to walk on the water. This song will be on repeat.

What I really want in 2015:
-To break out of my comfort zone
-To grow in the virtue of charity
-Learn to make French Macaroons

What I really need in 2015 is:
-To finish high school
- To cherish each moment
-To join a dance club

What I will share in 2015 is:
- Send more snail mail "just because"
- Try to meet new people everywhere I go

In 2015 I will succeed at:
-Embracing new possibilities
-The winged eyeliner

Hello 2015


  1. Ooh! Charity is what I aim to grow in this year! That's a blog post that I'm working on in my head. ;) by the way...I'll snail mail with you!! :)

    1. Now that I posted that all over the internet God will surely send me many opportunities to practice it. :) OH I WOULD LOVE TO! I'll pm you my info. :)