December 11, 2014


Black and white photo's draw you into a calming, beautiful, yet mysterious world.

They present an unknown stillness. 

They hold a mystery and we have to solve it, in other words we have to find the color.

Find the hidden little things.

Find the joy in sorrows.

Find the innocence in the wordly.

Find the peace in chaos.

Find the beauty in the unshapely.

We find all of this when we first find HIM.

Find the Christ Child in every crevasse of our life.

Find the Christ Child in every face we encounter.

Find the Christ Child in our daily chores.

Find the Christ Child in our studies.

Find the Christ Child in our prayers.

“We must confess that we all have need of silence (stillness), filled with the presence of him who is adored.  This is what man needs today; he is often unable to be silent for fear of meeting himself, of feeling the emptiness that asks itself about meaning; man who deafens himself with noise.”
-St. John Paul II in 1995 Apostolic Letter, Orientale Lumen


  1. beautiful photos and beautiful words! love it!!
    thanks for sharing.

  2. This is just lovely. ♥ So beautiful.

  3. Winter has such a beautiful stillness about it that really can bring us closer to God. What a beautiful reflection! :)