June 3, 2015

10 Tips to Being a More Confident Person

1 // Stop comparing
The first step to being more self confident is to stop comparing your hair, you clothes, your weight, your smile, e v e r y t h i n g! I know this is very difficult to do because lets be honest, everybody does it, I do it to. You can have fashion inspirations and role models, but that's just what they are, inspiration and role models. You now have to go out and be who you are created to be and to stop trying to be a copy of someone else. The only way to stand out is to be uniquely YOU!

2 // Stay positive
It is so easy to get down and be stressed out over anything and everything. But remember that you aren't given anything you can't handle. Find your inspiration. Find that something that gets you motivated and makes you happy. Maybe it's an upbeat jam or your best friend. Maybe it's surfing Pinterest for inspiring quotes or watching that video on Youtube that makes you think, "Wait, why am I wasting time and my life siting here worrying and sulking about petty things when I could be out there making my life count and changing someone else life in the process. Every time you wake up in the morning you have the choice to make that day a positive one. Don't wake up thinking oh it's Monday and I gotta go to school and it's just going to be horrible. Of course your day is going to stink when you start thinking that. Instead, start waking up thinking that if today was your last day on earth what would you do. I highly doubt you would be complaining that it's Monday and you have that test today and have to babysit your brother later. You automatically start living out what you keep telling your brain. So let's fill our brain with uplifting positive thoughts. It will not only help you be more positive but also send positive vibes to those around you. 

3 // Don't let others define your happiness
 You can't let others create you. You are who you are so let yourself blossom. Don't go changing yourself just because somebody else doesn't think your good enough. You ARE good enough! You have been created with such infinite love that you couldn't possibly be anything but B E A U T I F U L. If those people can't see that unique beauty inside you then they don't deserve to be your friend. You deserve so much in life and in people. So do something for yourself and don't settle in friendships. You will find that group of friends that accepts you with your quirkiness and everything.

4 // Surround yourself with positive people
If you want happiness and positivity in your life then let those negative friendships go. Yes it might be hard but in the it is whats better for your peace of mind and soul. You deserve so much more than jealousy and negativity. Look for friendships that you can lift each other up, draw inspiration from, and feed off each others encouragement. You deserve to be surrounded with people that have your best interest at heart and have your back in the good and the bad. And realize that you might not know who your friends are until you hit that think and thin period.   You are who you surround yourself with. Surround yourself with positive people and you'll be a positive person.

5 // Dream B I G
It's so healthy to dream and dream big. Step outside yourself and realize there is more out there than what may seem possible. Whether it be a small goal of waking up at 7AM for two weeks to studying abroad for three weeks. Make a 5 year plan for your top 3 goals. Seeing what you want to have completed in 5 years will make you motivated and force you to start thinking of what is truly important to you. So what are you waiting for, go create that bucket list!

6 // Dress to impress
Putting a little effort into your makeup and outfit can do a world of good for your self confidence. When we put some effort into the way we look we begin to respect ourselves and feel motivated to get things done. Being fashionably put together shows others that we respect not only ourself but others as well. Give a girl a pair of heels and she can conquer the world!

7 // Do something that makes you happy
Sometimes we just need some good old-fashioned me time. This isn't being selfish, sometimes we just need to take some time to regroup and work on ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. In order for you to love yourself and be truly confident in who you are, you have to first find some happiness. Go get your nails done or go on a picnic by yourself. Get a new haircut or maybe some highlights. Do something for you.  

8 // Know who you are
In order to be happy and confident you have to know everything about yourself. Start trying to daily journal. By doing this you are staying in tuned to your feelings and what is going on day to day. You are able to reflect on what made you happy that day and what triggered some irritable feelings. Learn to figure out your limits. How far can you push yourself. You would be surprised on how tough you really are. Be purposeful in your decisions and understand why you are doing something.

9 // Carry yourself with dignity
People will treat you differently when they see you mean business. Sometimes people may not really accept you because they are intimidated by your confidence and dignity. But don't let that change who you are just because they are on a different level. Being confident is different then trying to be a cocky diva. Don't try to hard to be confident because then you could come off as conceded. 

10 //Understand the beauty you posses 
Beauty is so much more than curly hair and white teeth. Beauty first starts on the inside and shines through for everyone to see. The most beautiful people are the ones who make others feel beautiful. Because they understand that beauty involves all areas of our lives not just the ones we choose for others to see. Beauty is a combination of faith, intellect, the joy we posses, and what our life mission is. You have the choice and opportunity to be truly radiant. Inner beauty lasts for longer that external temporary beauty.

"Confidence is silent. Insecurities are loud." 


  1. Beautiful list :) I definitely agree with number 3, it's something I've had to remind myself constantly. In high school, I struggled to fit in with others, but I've slowly just let myself be who I am- and I've found even better friends along the way. Thanks for sharing this! <3

  2. This was lovely, Grace dear! So much truth in one post.

  3. I hope this isnt weird for me to say but I love your posts. I found your blog going through friends on instagram. Very great posts! Your awesome.