July 24, 2015

How I Edit My Insta Photos

Before I even take the picture and start editing it, the most important step to the perfect picture is LIGHTING. You want to make sure there is enough light in the picture, that way the editing is easier AND you get a consistent Insta theme. Thumbs up for an "on-fleek" Insta. Hehe, sorry I had to say that. ;) Okay now on to the editing steps. I use an app called Afterlight for ALL my editing. I believe it's 99 cents.

 Step 1 || Saturation. I usually turn the saturation up a tad to make the photo look a little more alive.

Step 2 || Brightness. Love this part! I will almost all the time do it to 100% and sometimes a tad more. I like my pics bright and fresh looking.

Step 3 || Sharpening. This is an important step if you want you pictures looking clean and fresh. It will do exactly as it says, sharpen the picture surface.

Step 4 || Light clouds. This (like all the others steps) is super important to getting that bright fresh look to your photos. I always use filter #4 & 12 on my photos. Adjust it to whatever softness you want.

Step 5 || White frame. The last step that in my opinion will enhance your already bright and fresh photo is adding a white frame. You don't even have to leave the app because Afterlight has that ability as well. Pretty snazzy I know!

Okay so those are the steps I do all the time for my Insta feed. I hope you enjoyed getting to know the secrets to my feed. Just kidding there's not really any secrets. ;)


  1. Thanks for sharing Graciela!! I can't believe Afterlight is only 99 cents!

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  2. That's awesome, Grace! Thanks for sharing!