August 4, 2015

Dorm Diaries //Freshman Year Bucket List

18 days till I'm BC bound! ❤

 1. Attend college
2. Meet 10 new people & continue to be friends with them
3. Take at least 1,000 pictures
4. Get an A on a test
5. Dance in the rain
6. Stay up for 24 hours
7. Join a club
8. Go to at least 5+ football games and other sports
9. Stay organized
10. Stick to a prayer schedule
11. Avoid the Freshman 15
12. Go on a road trip
13. Lose 20 lbs
14. Surprise someone
15. Spend a whole day sleeping (I don't think this will happen)
16. Have someone come visit me
17. Explore all the buildings on campus
18. Go to office hours!
19. Participate in big campus events
20. Take an early morning walk on a Saturday morning
21. Make friends with a foreign exchange student
22. Don't procrastinate
23. Visit the rec center 3x a week
24. Have a picnic
25. Participate in a campus wide tradition
26. Stay classy
27. Learn a another language (Take Italian while studying abroad in Florence)
28. Pass all my classes
29. Grow even deeper in my Catholic faith and relationship with Christ.
30. Have a girl's night in
31. Don't give up
32. Thank those who normally don't get the gratitude
33. Call Mom & Dad ♥
34. Blog.Blog.Blog
35. Go to Adoration frequently and daily Mass
36. Spend time in the library
37. Consider "study abroad"
38. Send a letter to a random person
39. Live in a dorm
40. Remember why I am at school
41. Write a letter to myself and save it for Senior year
42. Leave notes in library books
43. Participate in residence hall events
44. Thank a professor
45. Keep room clean
46. Attend a "theme" party
47. Make a difference
48. Receive a care package from Mom
49. Vote in student government elections
50. Chalk dye my hair red for game day
51. Have a  picnic on the football field in the off-season
52. Have lunch with my favorite professor
53. Donate blood
54. Make friends with one person in each class
55. Take a selfie with the mascot (Rocky the Raven)
56. Attend concerts that take place on campus
57. Try to challenge myself daily so that I may become the best version of myself


  1. I hear there are all sorts of cool hangouts at Benedictine to go to- including an underground cave and a lookout of the river. Great list! Might steal some for my upcoming semester at Washburn!

  2. Great list! I am pretty sure you will a accomplish all of this! Avoiding the freshman 15 is totally doable (I lost a ton of weight that year) and I totally did the notes in library books, especially in the old ones that haven't been checked out in years - one "hello" note in particular created an entire back and forth conversation for an entire semester...and I never met the girl! :-)

  3. Awww... this was me in 2008 - SO hard to believe it was SEVEN years ago!! Feels like yesterday! Love BC - it is an awesome school. Still miss it. Tell Angie in the library that Jill says hi - worked for her in circulation all 4 years!

  4. When I go to college, I have to remember to visit this list again! I definitely want to try the studying abroad!

    ❤ Blaze Ann

  5. I love this list! I think in my countdown to senior year I'll make my own (smaller) one of things I want to accomplish before graduation. :)