January 19, 2016

Coffee & Truth || #WhyIMarch

Tomorrow I will be traveling from Kansas to Washington D.C with over 250 Benedictine College students + priests and faculty to participate in the March for Life. I am so excited to experience this event at our Nation's capital. I went to the Walk for Life West Coast last January so it will be exciting and probably overwhelming at times to see 50,000 more people that are at the DC one.

As I prepare for this pilgrimage to D.C. I have have been asking myself, why? Why march in freezing temperatures for a cause that seems like we are loosing. Am I going to just explore the city of D.C.? Here's what my reflections have cultivated:

I march because I am one of seven siblings and I stand in thanksgiving for those seven "Fiats" my mother gave.
My little brother Francesco a couple years ago at a Rally for Life

I march because I stand in solidarity with all those innocent children that didn't have a chance to take their first breath outside the womb.

I march for all those affected by the tragedy of abortion. Mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, grandparents, future generations.

I march because my generation doesn't just sit back and watch our world's population slowly dwindle down.

I march for those who work in the abortion industry, either those directly or indirectly involved in the organization.

I march because I live in a country where we can stand for rights and truth.

I march because 1/3 of my fellow college freshman across the country are missing because of abortion.

I march for those teaching false accusations and burying the extremeness of this evil.

I march for those mothers that feel like they have no option or are put in a life or death situation if they don't terminate the pregnancy.

I march for those men who weren't real men and protected the hearts and bodies of the vulnerable woman.

I march to tell the future generations that I didn't just glide through life and let the biggest genocide ever known, become an accepted intrinsic evil that we don't even think twice of.

I have created a playlist (of course ;) about l i f e if you want to listen to it as you travel to the March or just when you want to praise God for life.

Our Lady of Guadalupe :: Pray for us! 

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