January 8, 2016

Colorlust || Pantone's Color of 2 0 1 6

Each year Pantone releases a "color of the year" that inspires all the fashion & beauty trends for the year. This year they selected rose quartz (pale pink) and serenity (light blue) as the dual colors of the year for 2016. This is the first time, that the blending of two shades were chosen.

To me these colors remind me of cotton candy. But seriously, they are the perfect calming hues for anytime of the year! I am so excited to incorporate these colors into my wardrobe more this year. I got inspired and put together a Rose Quartz and Serenity collage.

What do you think of the two color's of the year? 


  1. Hello, Grace! I love the colors of the year! I think they chose a great blue color, because it looks amazing on so many skin tones. I really enjoyed the collages you put together; they make me so excited to experiment with these colors when I design!


  2. Well, the two new colors aren't my favorite, but I'm always excited to incorporate the new color(s) into my wardrobe each year. I guess I love a challenge. ;o) And your collages are very inspiring! :o) Mrs. Curl