September 7, 2016

The Everyday Girl's Guide To Getting Fit

Carry a water bottle everywhere
I found that when I carried a water bottle with me to class, studying, and had it with me in my room, I hydrated so much more. Make it apart of your mental checklist to grab your water bottle before heading out for the day.
Here are some of my favorite water bottles:
Swell bottle
Camelbak Eddy Insulated bottle
Glass bottle 
Kor One
Nalgene Everyday Wide Mouth
Lifefactory glass bottle 

Morning stretches  
Getting a 15 minute stretch session in right as you wake up, is a great way to start your day. This workout below will definitely wake you up!

Take a gym class
Not only will it be a lot more fun than the boring old tread-mill, but most colleges give credit for taking a class or being on a team. This will definitely give you the needed motivation because you will be working for an attendance grade. It will be a love-hate relationship. I took a ZUMBA class my first semester and it was so much fun! Since it was a class I had to be there so I knew three days a week I would be getting a workout in. Definitely check out what's available at your school!
Incorporate exercise into your daily life

Find a motivating location 
Utilize whatever you have around you whether that's a fancy studio or the great outdoors. 
  • Dorm room - Sometimes you just don't feel like working out in public or you are on a tight schedule so you don't have time to walk to the gym and exercise and walk back. Just search on Pinterest for cardio or ab workouts that you can do on a mat or even with weights.  YouTube is also an awesome option if you don't have a ton of room. Here are my three favorite workouts by Blogilates for body, arms, & legs.
  • Campus gym - Most colleges offer free membership to students to use the gym and other exercise facilities. Often college gyms are the best place to find your go-to workout or favorite exercise class. Since they're free take advantage of it and try everything out! 

Dress to impress. 
I can't be the only one that feels a lot better about myself and a lot more motivated when I'm wearing a cute workout look. There are SOO many adorable looks out there, I would totally be up for a workout clothes shopping spree. :) Old Navy has some adorable active wear tops & bottoms

Find a workout you love.
Working out doesn't have to be a chore. There are some really fun exercises besides running and lifting weights, such as Zumba/dance, cycling, hiking, swimming, & Pilates.

Treat yourself  to a smoothie or acai bowl afterwards 
Reward yourself with a refreshing treat that won't ruin all the work you just did. This looks so good!

Follow some fitness accounts for inspiration
Sometimes you just need that extra motivation and inspiration from people that have seen results, so check out these fitness Instagrammers, Lorna Jane, Tone It Up, Tanya Poppett

Bring a friend
Having that motivator by your side makes it a lot more fun as well as keep you accountable to give it all you got. Make it a friendly competition to challenge each other to do more squats or finish the run strong.

Create an upbeat playlist
Music is a game-changer when it comes to working out. I love running to some upbeat songs that keep me wanting to go the extra mile.  Here's my power hour playlist and the Nike women on the go

What are you going to loose by just starting?
Once you make the choice to just take one day at a time it will get easier because it becomes a habit. Just go for it because the only result will lead to a healthier life, more fit body and overall more self-confidence. Those reasons alone sound pretty great to me.

I'd love to hear what your favorite workout is! Do you have some go-to workout tunes? 


  1. Yes carrying a water bottle is so so so important! It makes such a difference... last year I took it a bit to the extreme and carried a gallon of water around (lol @ the looks I got) but I drank so much more water because of it.

  2. I love my s'well bottle!! I am so excited this year I am in a bigger dorm room and I can actually do some mini workouts!

  3. As silly as it sounds I do find myself way more likely to work out if I have cute attire even in my own home!

  4. I love these tips. I started doing Pure Barre this summer and it has totally changed the way I think about working out!


  5. These tips are totally on point. I've been trying to get in better shape and drinking more water is key. I also find that setting specific times to work out (with friends!) helps a lot too!

  6. This is such a great post! I definitely should drink more water so I should start bringing my bottle everywhere!

  7. Morning stretches are a great idea! It always help to start your day on the right foot. And I love cute workout gear, it is my weakness!!

  8. Carrying a water bottle everywhere is HUGE for me! It helps curb my appetite and keeps me from reaching for sugary drinks!

    Greta |

  9. These are great tips! I always have water on me and I definitely stay more hydrated that way!

    The Blush Blonde

  10. I like the idea of doing morning stretches! I need to get back into fitness classes too. :-)

    xoxo A

  11. These are great tips! Drinking water is my #1 issue, I really need to remember to do that more!

  12. These are awesome tips! A lot of my friends work at the gym I got to and it's kind of motivation for me to get my booty in there!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  13. Love this article! My friend and I usually listen to some Missy Elliot when we go to work out--definitely helps!

    Bryn || The Wine Chronicles

  14. I used to sleep in my gym wear so I could just wake up and go! I always carry a hydroflask with me and I work out in my apartment. It can be hard, but it's easier once you're in routine!

    Kirsten -

  15. I couldn't agree more with taking water everywhere you go! I have a S'Well bottle and am obsessed! I used that thing every day. Thanks so much for the great tips :)

  16. I love love love these!
    Thanks so much!

  17. Wearing cute workout clothes motivates me to work out!
    Shaguna |

  18. This is a great list of tips! Having a good playlist is my #1 tip also! Love it!

  19. Water bottles literally are everything!! Having it on your desk to just grab whenever will make you drink so much more.

    Sara Kate Styling

  20. This is a superb everyday girl’s guide for getting fit. I think clothes play an important role when you start working out. The work out gear should be easy, lightweight and comfortable. It should be perfectly sized- not too baggy and not too tight. What do you think about it?