February 24, 2014

Hello Monday {1}

{Hello Monday} 
{hello morning Mass and the Sacrament of Confession}
{hello very busy week and long “to do” list}
{hello homemade Mocha}
{hello schoolwork}
{hello Pandora}
{hello pondering thoughts on the season of Lent}
{hello chatting with sweet friends for a few minutes}
{hello praying for some special intentions}
{hello listening to the audio version of "Love Does" by Bob Goff} 
{hello dinner with the family}
{hello new Downton Abbey episode & When Calls the Heart}
{hello evening prayers}
{hello warm bed}

If you want to participate in {Hello Monday}, then please give credit to Lisa in your post. She is the first one to start this little blog series.


  1. ♥ Downton Abbey ♥

    It's such a cozy and beautiful show. We finished the latest episode last night and now I have to find some way to occupy my time until next winter. *smiles*

    1. I know season 5 seems so far away... But it will force me to find a new series! :)

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  3. I too watched the last episode of Downton Abbey and sighed when it was over. I wish season five wasn't so far away!