February 1, 2014

Here in This Place...

Welcome to Graciela! 
 I am so excited to start this new journey in the blogging world, I have had a blog before but with a different agenda. This blog will be completely different compared to my previous blog!

The mission of this blog is to inspire a tribe of passionate, confidant & authentic girl-bosses who want to change & challenge the world together. It is a place where I can share what I have learned as a young woman millennial living in today's culture. My desire is to encourage young women to find their feminine dignity, confidence and unique voice in this world. The possibilities are endless, and I aspire to inspire ladies out there to dream big, go after what you want, but still stay true to who you are. In my small attempt to make a difference through this blog, I hope to write to young women millennials on fashion, beauty, media, and leadership.

As a woman, being confident in who you are is often difficult, because we have so many mixed messages thrown at us of who we should be and look like. I believe an important aspect in fully living out your femininity and truly finding that confidence is being able to have fun with a feminine guilty pleasure: FASHION! Find your style and what makes you feel beautiful, but most important,  what brings dignity and respect to your feminine being.

I hope to create a platform for young women millennials in fashion, media & entrepreneurship. But it doesn't stop there, my main motivation is to challenge young women to dream and don't stop till you have achieved it!

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