February 25, 2015

Embracing Womanhood #WCW

Welcome to #WomanofChristWednesday!

I think my understanding of femininity is constantly maturing and deepening since I am only a seventeen year old girl. But I have never let my age determine the way I think. I am growing up in a world that is so very confused of what true womanhood looks like and for me that is deeply saddening because being a woman is such a great gift! Think about it, we are the only ones on this planet that can carry life in our womb. Don't you think just because of that we as woman should get and give ourselves the respect that comes with being a woman? I know that as I grow into my role as a woman in today's society I will gain a bigger understanding of what the definition of femininity is. But I am not rushing or trying to push "growing up" because right now in everything I do I am laying the foundation for my future.

As a future woman in today’s world I need to fully embrace the gifts that I can contribute to society.

This means I have to submit my whole being to the sweetness of His Loving Will and to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

It means giving of myself to the Church and the New Evangelization.
It means developing a strong spiritual life.
It means stepping up and out of my comfort zone and taking more responsibility.
It means knowing my personal sense of style and being confident in it.
It means reaching out to others who are in need of compassion or just a shoulder to cry on.
It means making wise choices in who I choose as role models.
It means keeping my core values with me no matter what happens in life.
It means that sometimes I have to say no.

Embracing womanhood means embracing everything about yourself: your bodily image, your talents, your quirks, your vocation in life, your role in others life, and most importantly your relationship with your Heavenly Father.


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